New ltd edition tape: Ninni Morgia/Silvia Kastel/Utrillo Kushner

February 16th, 2014

[UM025] Ninni Morgia / Silvia Kastel / Utrillo Kushner “Live At Hemlock” CS



Live document from the one-off collaboration with Comets on Fire drummer Utrillo Kushner. This was the opening show of Control Unit’s US West Coast tour in March-April 2012. Heavy, intense, trippy, most of all, loud. Recorded by Seymour Glass. Numbered edition of 60, orange pro-dubbed tapes which come in a silkscreened plastic box. Includes an insert.



New releases

September 24th, 2013


Pick-Up (Frans de Waard/Martin Luiten) “Departure” CS


Pick-Up is the Dutch duo of Frans de Waard (electronics) and Martin Luiten (resonator guitar). Both are longtime figures in the European experimental music scene since the mid 80’s. Frans de Waard played & toured extensively with numerous groups such as Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem, Zebra/Wieman, The Tobacconists and Ezdanitoff working a wide range of musical interest, besides working at Staalplaat (1992-2003) and started his own Vital publication in 1986 (now Vital Weekly); Martin started the bands Girlfriends and Uw Hypotheekadvies and now plays with The Julie Mittens.

Martin and Frans started their duo Pick-up in 2008 and worked together intensely for about two years. During this period they recorded numerous live sessions of a volatile set up in which Martin plays his resonator guitar and effects, which Frans pick-up on the spot and fed through real-time computer effects. The resulting live recordings were captured on multiple tracks and mixed together for release. Pick-up has released a 3″CDR on My Own Little Label, a LP for Plinkity Plonk and a LP for Important Records. ‘Departure’ is a farewell to that period, departing a particular phase in their history and are the final recordings from that period. Now Pick-up is on hold while trying to think of what would be the next move, as once you investigated a particular method of working, it’s time to move on, as both of them feel.

“Departure” is a fine atmospheric work of contemporary experimental music, minimal electronics, sci-fi, hypnotic drones, Fennesz-like lush textures, hypnotic ring mod madness… despite the electronic nature of the music, it never loses its human side, leaving room for blues accents, in fact it seems like the guitar is left raw at times, while the laptop elaborates minimal layers around it and vice versa.

Pro-dubbed imprinted tapes, with 3 panel full color printed covers, edition of 90.

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Raymond Dijkstra / Matthias Boss “Ins Kahle Zimmer Sinken Blaue Firne” 7″


Those familiar with Amsterdam-based artist Raymond Dijkstra know how charming and mysterious his works are: mostly released on his own Le Souffleur imprint, they come in very limited runs, beautiful packaging with a very distinct style, like they’re from an ancient, albeit unknown century. That same elegant-timeless feel is of course reflected in his music, an extremely personal work usually around the accordion, but also unknown electronics (tapes, echoes?), voice; the feeling is always that of some kind of privilege, to enter the artist’s private room, filled with the smell of opium, crusty wallpaper and taxidermy. Here, Dijkstra is together with violin extraordinaire Matthias Boss from Switzerland, a truly outstanding player mostly known in the European improv scene, who also collaborates with drummer master Marcello Magliocchi.

“Ins Kahle Zimmer Sinken Blaue Firne” is a fantastic “chamber” recording from these two masters of the screeching acoustic metal-on-metal. The title evokes the image of an exposed room with compact snow flakes falling in. Violin, organ, fork & spoon are the credited instruments here, blowing ice cold gusts into your room, or face hopefully. Imagine some sort of twisted classical music from a distant century, a gift of pure improv given to us by Dijkstra’s inimitable accordion style and Boss’ dramatic violin, this music has no time, only beauty. 33rpm 7″, comes in a silkscreened reverse cardboard cover. Edition of 100.

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New vinyls !

October 29th, 2012

New vinyls finally out ! Ready to ship October 31st:

[UM021] SMEGMA “Ever And Anon” LP



The mythical LAFMS collective Smegma really needs no introduction, where would we all be without them? How many bands were so ahead of their time (1973!), and have been for so long, like Smegma have? Well, here they are with a brand new LP of their famous mix of free jazz, industrial noise, improvisation, straight-up weird music so typical of these masters / US freaks. On the opening track, they are riding on the amazing drums of historical member Dennis Duck (of Dream Syndicate) to pay homage to their beloved Link Wray with some devilish surf music! Then get ready for some crazy reeds, Aylerian invocations, electro-acoustic meditations, (shrink) chamber music and moments of pure avantgarde, juxtapositions that only they can get away with: a riot in a farm, strange strings riding the waves, guitar riffs and slides with the seagulls, a bat party in a cave, followed by a hot bath of analog synth bubbles… but simply put, Smegma sounds like nobody else! Cover artwork collage by Ace Farren Ford. Also comes with an insert. Edition of 300 copies.

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[UM022] GATE “Damned Revolutions” LP



Dead C guitarist Michael Morley is finally back with a new Gate LP, after two years, and what a comeback! “Damned Revolutions” has all the traits of Gate’s classic LPs like “Guitar” and “The Monolake”: it starts with dark and fuzzy guitar drones, that build up to create a dense wall of distorted resonance, at times accompanied by sparse electronics and sustained by spectral beats and bass pulses. When vocals break in, it’s magical and poetic, his moaning reminiscent of pre-war blues chants. Side B is a wonderful suite of free rock improvisation, wild noise, echoed vocals, a thick guitar fog, haunting nocturnal blues, cymbal crashes… a mood perfectly depicted on the cover photos, lonely, grey, apparently still, sunless port city landscape. Edition of 300 copies.


[UM023] BeNe GeSSeRiT “STiLL iNSaNe aFTeR aLL THeSe yeaRS” LP


CeLa FaiT LoNGTeMPS Que Je N’ai PLuS Vu D’aRC-eN-CieL

Eleven new & previously unreleased songs from BeNe GeSSeRiT, the cult Belgian minimal synth duo of Alain Neffe (various instruments including synth, beats, loops, strings…) and Nadine Bal (vocals). Alain started his Insane Music imprint back in 1981, he is a key figure of the European cassette culture and has been making some of the most creative and cross-boundary music since the early 80’s, also with other numerous projects like Pseudo Code, Human Flesh and more recently, his and Nadine’s duo with singer Anna Homler, The Chopstick Sisters. The duo’s debut LP in 1985 “A High, Happy, Perverse And Cynical Cry of Joy” was a real gem and on this new album, they go back to their roots but take advantage of newer technologies and sonic textures - every song has a life of its own. Alain’s arrangements are impeccable and unpredictable, a mad variety of instruments and moods, punchy beats, hypnotic strings, groovy organ, crazy sax lines and an inventive use of sound shaping… at some point you’ll be in the middle of… a choir of frogs??! Nadine, on the other hand, is a muse of this and the OTHER world, she manages to sound like an angel, a child, a siren and an alien, often all in the same track. Our prescription is: listen to this LP over and over for best results, you will discover and feel something new at every listen. BeNe GeSSeRiT make truly charming and personal music that’s hard to pin down: too weird to be classified as pop, but not so much to be just avantgarde, surreal & emotional, sharing the aesthetic choices of Anne Clark, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Laurie Anderson, Kraftwerk, Die Form… Glossy full color covers with insane artwork by Alain Neffe. Edition of only 300 copies, of which 50 are colored vinyl (25 orange / 25 pink).

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New releases

August 30th, 2012

[UM019] Blood Stereo The Eight Thumbed Hand Serenades CS

um019coverWATER IS, FIRE IS NOT (excerpt)

Underground’s finest couple formed by Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance are here to delight us with a massive mind-hammering tape, originally out in a uber-limited 4xCS boxset on their own Chocolate Monk label. A fair where Muezzin Nyoukis will twist & pull your brains, a choir of voices praying, gargling & ooing, discomfort and unclear clatter all over. At some point you will find yourself in a damp swamp, two sticky beings calling each other (the mutant cricket here is Karen), a little slice of private green goo. Ringy drones so soft you can lie on, crunchy fingers, broken connections, magnetic liquid, confused contacts, tractors and concrete mixers 10 miles away, softly screeching… it’s all here, every dye and every spice, what more can you ask?!

Pro-dubbed & imprinted PINK tapes with 3-panel double printed full color Jcards, artwork by Karen Constance. Edition of 100.


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[UM018] BOLIDE Flaw Games CS


Hailing from Brighton, Bolide is an electro-acoustic improvising sextet formed in 2007. Main members are Spiceberg (aka Daniel Spicer), Tom Roberts, The Sultan and other mysterious individuals. Imagine going to a huge locals-only market outside the Medina, the air is heavy and dusty, the smell is funky, it’s noon & you forgot your hat, you see another goat head being cut and you start to think: maybe I’ll ride a donkey back? Imagine you could record the sounds both inside & outside of you in that moment… that’s sort of what Bolide sounds like. Except now, you can avoid the stressful experience and still enchant your neighbour’s snakes by having it in a pro-dubbed & imprinted pea green tape, with a double-printed collage Jcard. Edition of 100.
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[UM015] SILVIA KASTEL - Take It 7″


First ever 7″ on Ultramarine: triple Silvia on voice, mutant beats, synths, tape echo, working the early Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA and dub influences, delivering some much-needed anguish, agony, and paranoia against today’s fun-at-all-costs shit. 33 rpm but Greh Holger also likes it at 45, so it’s up to you. Mastered by Scott Colburn. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 100.
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Ninni Morgia & Silvia Kastel June UK Tour

May 29th, 2012


June 13th - Glasgow, 13th Note   w. NOMA, Neil A. Simpson, Boom Edan   - INFO

June 15th - Newcastle, The Morden Tower    w. Alessandro Altavilla, Popular Radiation   - INFO

June 16th - Tinderbox Festival, Cropredy, Oxfordshire   w. Red Square, Temperatures, Bolide   - INFO

June 17th - London, Cafe Oto   w. Temperatures, Bolide   - INFO

June 18th - Brighton, The Cowley Club  w. Temperatures, Bolide   - INFO